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Brand design terms. Part 1

How do you regard, the designer you cooperate with? Is it about a person from another universe who speaks a spooky language, or is it about a person who knows well his job?

The selection of a worthy partner is the basic factor for the corporation’s success. There are many criteria for this selection in order, both sides to understand if they can proceed on this kind of association.

When a company decides to cooperate with a designer, the communication between the two sides becomes difficult, when it comes to the designers’ cognitive terms. The consequences of this condition is the gasp in the communication, and the result that comes doesn’t satisfy anyone.

Without doubt, mutual trust is an integral part of cooperation, but when an executive may have doubts about the design, things get difficult. Part of a designer’s job is, to explain and the terminologies that he uses. That’s why there are some general terms that the firm could learn so as to understand the artwork.

The main purpose of this article is inform about some basic terms of design, in order to achieve the result that a firm expect. There are many terms, that’s why the selection was made according to the frequency of their use and to their significance too.

1. Logo: The logo is every firm’s trademark. It might consists of either the name of the firm or both the name and the icon that represents her. The name of Coca cola company, for example, which is on every packaging, constitute its logo. The same applys/is, also, to Universal Pictures’ name which is on the begging of every movie it produce.

2. Corporate Id: It consists of the creation of the application that represent the image of a company. For example, business cards, letterheads, folders and the website of a company constitute the applications of a company’s corporate id.

3. Composition: Composition is the placement of the elements that create an artwork. The better composer a designer is , the better the result. For example, the initial page of Google is a composition that consists of a logo, framework of the search, and two buttons “google search” and “I’m feeling lucky”.

4. Color palette: The Color Palette is the total of the colors that an artwork includes. These colors are carefully selected from the designer in order to have the best possible output. The color palette that Coca Cola has selected, is in red tones and application of grey, black, silver and gold.

5. Grid: Grid is the composition that consists of vertical and horizontal axis, so as to create the structure of the artwork’s content. The articles image is the best example .

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