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You start your business. You have the passion and you found the way to make it real. You realize that you have no logo. The visual representation that your company stands for. Why is it so important?

The Logotype is the first and last thing your audience see. It’s the beginning of your company’s communication with the world. The Logotype is always on top; it either is on the company’s invoice form or on the company’s mail signature. A good logo can build loyalty, establish a brand identity, and provide the required and desirable professional look of an enterprise.

So you need to create the logo for your company. Who is the best to design it? How will you choose the best design?

First, you need to choose the firm. It must be as professional as your company is. The firm must be capable to design but also able to create your strategy. Choose the one that will build your company’s case study first. Logo design comes next.

Once you find your design team the next step is to articulate the message you want your logo to convey. For example you need to find answers to these questions: What does your company do? What are your company goals? How do you want your company to be perceived? Try to pass this message to the logo specialists.

Then, ask for a three-proposal logo presentation. It’s too confusing to deal with many logo designs. You lose your goal and you misunderstand the design purpose. It is also a bad sign for your logo specialists. Either they didn’t understand your company’s message or they do not have the skills to make it real. Logo design proposals must be solid and unique.

When the logo design presentation begins you have to observe, think and enjoy. The Logo is neither a way to satisfy your aesthetics nor your needs. It’s not your psychological status. The Logo is your company’s evangelist and it is all it represents.

Study the shape, color and type. Why did the designer use red color? Why does it have to be in a circle? Why did he use Helvetica font? Everything must be there for a reason. If the specialists didn’t answer all those questions then they‘re not specialists enough.

When it comes to decision, try to be alone & direct. It doesn’t matter if your mother, wife likes. It’s your opinion that matters. You are the one who knows better your company. Be straightforward, listen to your heart and follow the expert’s opinion.

The Logo is only the start. It’s the basic part to build your company‘s identity. If you choose right, everything else will come naturally. THINK.

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