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The best friends of a developer volume 1

The most difficult part for me, since I was a kid was to make new friends. I wasn’t social enough and didn’t speak a lot. This characteristic of me didn’t change by the years, I still remain the same person, polite enough but not talkative. I don’t know if I told this before, but I’m a web developer and as you know web developers are people who like to live in their own world and they don’t speak too much…

This is how it is in real life. In the other world I live, the developer’s microcosm, it is completely different. I have many friends there and we communicate every day. Let me introduce you them and tell me if you would make them friends

First of all , Firebug(note; that I am a person who doesn’t fear of bugs) , is a friend which can help you to edit or debug Css, Html and JavaScript live in any web page or in projects you are working so as to check the progress of your project. For example, the firebug's JavaScript panel can log the specific line where errors may occur with your code, the net's panel will show you the url that the browser request like , images files, css and indicates if they are loaded properly. With html's panel you can check and change live the properties of some elements in order to have the desirable result, and if the changes you made work you can copy-paste it to your editor- so easy... He is very good, he doesn’t speak too much and helps me find a solution too many problems I face during coding.

YSlow, is another friend which helps everything to work fast, that’s why it is called YSlow, funny, isn’t it?? Specifically it analyzes the pages you are working on and it suggests ways in order to improve them ... But the last months this friend became a traitor and doesn’t work anymore. Damn you YSlow…Y??

I don’t want to forget Measure It on. It could be men's worst nightmare...You know what I mean. Ok, it’s not for this purpose here. With this friend you can measure everything and check in pixels the width and height of specific elements on a page. It can make your work easier. Play with it.

Another friend I have and I call it goblin, is Colorzilla. She can always tell the exact color in every point in the browser. The only thing you have to do is to pick with the eyedropper the color you want and write it to your code.

I have many other friends such as Phpstorm, Stackoverflow, internet of course and many others but I am going to talk about them in another post. In addition to friends in real life those ones are always there when I want them, they are loyal, they have the answer for everything, they understand my job and we are going to be friends forever. Thank!

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