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The perfect workflow for web development.

A new day starts. You wake up and get ready for your work. Let’s remind you that you are a web developer and you are very happy because you do the "job" you always dreamed of. It is very important for someone to love his/her own job, because it makes him/her happier and more effective to their job. Ok, there are certain days that the pressure of the projects you have to accomplish and the deadlines, make you anxious and nervous.

That's why it is very necessary to have a workflow for your project, so you can control as much as you can the things you have to do. If you have a proper workflow and with a good program you will see that everything is much easier.

First and most important of all, is that before you start the coding, you should always be a member to the process of the concept development for each project. To make this clear, your opinion if something could be done technically and not theoretically is fundamental, before the designer begins the creating part. The designer should get advice from the developer about the UX and they have to work together in order to make the wireframes of a site on papers first.

Bippp biipp...

-Someone is on the phone...

-Is it for me??

- Yeaappp...

-Who is it???

-We are the templates and we are here to transform us to code... Perfect you just made my day!!!

The first thing you have to do is to open the programm-enviroment on your pc, in which you do your projects and start editing. WRONG!!! DON’T DO IT!!! The very first thing you have to do, is to take a piece of paper and make the wireframe of the template you just took. The purpose of this step, is to arrange all the elements you are going to use in order to have a well written code and with the best practice too. You can, also, write on the paper the algorithm you are going to use in order to manipulate-handle the elements. NOW, you can open your work-environment. It would be better, in order to be organized, to create folders; one for the html code , one for the css, one for the js and one for the images that the designer is going to give you. Don’t forget: YOU should always check the progress of your code in all the browsers and on every DEVICE. If you want it, to be perfect you should check it many times. You finally finished your project. You feel very happy and this gives you the energy to make more and more of it. THINK and then THANK.

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