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When everyday coding affects you in your real life

It's funny and very strange what games could the mind of a developer play. If you leave in your own world for many hours, many things can happen. No, you don’t play in the Star Wars film.. Let’s make it clear to you what I want to say.

The daily program of developer’s life includes coding, some coding...and don’t forget to say coding. Ok, there are some breaks for energy-food, a restart-sleep and sometimes the program may include walks with friends. Here is where the party begins. You are on your pc, you feel weak because you are hungry but you didn’t realize that you haven’t eaten since last night. When you have to deal with the lines of your code you can’t realize the time that passes by.

You are about to eat your meal and instead of your well-done steak, you see a div smiling and saying to you: eat me, eat me. You close your eyes, open them and the div remains there. You THINK a little and decide to eat it. A well positioned div helps your code, why not your system. While you’re eating it you think if it can improve your system and make it work properly

You return to your world to complete your project. Time passes by. It's past midnight. You are about to sleep, not because you want to but because you have to in order to refill your batteries. You brush your teeth and you look yourself for a moment in the mirror… What you see is something very strange and you wonder whether you are sleeping or not. OK, it is not a ghost, but instead of your eyes, you see a pair of span. You can even touch them. You wash your face, the pair of span disappear and go to bed.

You can’t sleep, because you are thinking ways to improve your code...

Ok, you nuts, stop it. You command yourself to sleep. (Sleep damned).

But, the madness strikes again. Instead of sheep jumping the fence, you see articles, p tags and the body tag, which are telling you not to forget to close them...

Hours later, a new day begins. You drink your coffee and continue your project. Then, you decide to take a break and go for a walk with a friend. (echo: sound of the shower scene in psycho). They came. They are here. They are everywhere. Everyone on the roads, on the buses have tags instead of head or legs. You laugh and the only thing you think is how you can combine some of them in order to finish your code. And, this is how the life of a developer passes by... Sometimes it can reach you to madness, but when coding is your passion, it doesn’t matter…you enjoy it. It’s just ok. It’s like fear and loathing in Thessaloniki(the city). Join the party... THONKs up

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