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Would it be possible for a site to have a diet in order to fit in a mobile

Many people believe that a site is just like a piece of clay or a plasticine or even better that a site is just like fat person and it can have a diet in order to become "more fit". If you don’t have the basics knowledge about web development and web design you can make many theories on your mind and the worst part is that you believe that they are true.

You are now, probably, wondering what I want to say. You’ll understand in a few minutes.

Most of the time these person you have to deal with, are people that have gasp with technology and the stick to the past and their own believes. If you don’t know something and you visit someone (expert) in order to lose your problem you have to hear them. It’s like you go to a doctor and you tell him about the medication you have to follow.

It is Friday and 13. OK it’s not but I want to make it look scarier. YOu are about to meet a client. You know that you are going to hear strange things and demands which don't stand in reality. You Think you are prepared to hear anything. WRONG! The person who is concerned comes and begins to mention the problems that he/she has with his/her corporation/firm and more specifically with his/her site.

-My site is super. I have it done before three months. It is OK on the desktop but what we can do with the pad or the mobiles. I can’t even see it there. I don’t want to change it because it is fresh but we must do something.

The suggestion that comes from every client’s mouth (it is tested, trust me) is: Its nothing, it’s easy, we are going to push it in order to fit in the devices. It’s not a big thing, make it smaller man, make the letters and the images smaller and it is gonna be OK. And of course they believe it doesn’t cost anything.

Twilight zone theme rings on your ears..You have made on your mind the reaction that you wanted to have but you keep in mind that “the customer is always right”. The first word that comes to your mouth is : OK, Let’s follow the NASA diet, and in two weeks we are going to have the desirable results..

You restrain yourself and try to explain that it is not as easy as he thinks. But this is vain. It is like you are going to teach astronomy to a fish. If somebody doesn't have the slightest idea and basically if somebody doesn't want to learn and understand what you are going to say it is going to be a nightmare. You are going to lose your temper trying to explain the right and the other side will insist on his/her opinion and the "diet" suggest. In this condition the only thing you have to do is to be polite and say goodbye to the customer.

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